Office Monitoring software

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I install LumOffice?

You can only install it on the computers you or your company owns. Installing it on the computers that you do not own violates our Terms and Conditions and is illegal in many countries.

Should I notify my employees about the time tracking?

Yes. In EU and many other countries you are under a legal obligation to get your employees’ consent before using the monitoring software like LumOffice. Even if you are in a country where there are no such requirements, we would advise you to let your employees know they are being monitored. It is your responsibility to use the software in accordance to the local laws.

Can LumOffice run in stealth/spy/invisible mode?

Yes and No. We do not show it in the tray or the taskbar or the Start menu – so users get no indications of it running. However LumOffice can still be seen in the list of the running services, in the file system and in the list of the programs to uninstall. We always advise to notify users about LumOffice. And in some countries you are legally obligated to do so – see the question above.

How to uninstall LumOffice?

The same as any other Windows app. Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, select LumOffice, click button Uninstall.

How does the temporary account (tracking without creating an account) works?

To speed things up, you can start collecting tracked data without creating an account. In this case we create a temporary account associated with that particular computer and browser. As long as you don’t clean your cookies for, you will be able to access the manager’s dashboard without login. In order to access the collected data from another computer, click “Create account” from the message on the top of the screen of the computer with the temp account. All of the data will be retained and associated with your newly created account.

When does it track data? How is active time calculated?

LumOffice goes to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity. So the total tracked time is roughly equal the time the employee was active at the computer.

Do you have versions for PC, Mac or Linux?

While in Pilot mode, for simplicity we’ve made public only Windows version of the app. Mac & Linux may be released soon if we see enough demand. Let us know if you need it!

When does the app take the screenshots?

The app takes screenshots at random intervals. The frequency is set in Settings and can be set to up to 30 screenshots/hour.

For how long the data and the screenshots are stored? Can it all be downloaded?

We keep the tracking data indefinitely for as long as your account is active. The screenshot images are kept for 6 months. The data is always available for download from the Reports page in Excel format. The screenshots can only be downloaded individually using browser's standard "Save As" dialog.

Does it work with unstable internet connection?

Nothing is lost – LumOffice is designed to preserve all offline work. All the logged data and the screenshots will be uploaded to whenever Internet connection is restored.

Do you take webcam pictures?

No. That would be way too intrusive. We would never access the webcams under no circumstances.

Does it take screenshots from all of the monitors connected to a computer?

Of course!

How is activity level being calculated?

If enabled in Settings, the program monitors employees’ mouse and keyboard activity level in %. The activity level is represented on the timeline by a small icons in the right top corner. We measure it this way: every ten seconds we check if there was any activity – any mouse movement or any keystroke and then compare active intervals to the total number of intervals (in a period between screenshots) - this gives us the %. For example if a screenshot was taken 2 minutes after the previous (2 minutes gives us 12 10 sec intervals) and we had activity in 9 intervals – we divide 9 by 12 = 0.75 – this gives us 75% activity. Note that a faulty mouse of certain programs may cause the activity to be 100% all the time. It is worth reiterating that the program (of course) does not record particular keystrokes.

How secure is my data?

Keeping our client’s information private and secure is our top priority. Screenshots and the collected data are uploaded using encrypted SSL connection. Only account owner can see the collected data. The data is stored securely and being backed up.