Office Monitoring software

“Now I can actually see what my employees are doing in the office...” - Mike Shilov,
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Employee Manager

See screenshots, time worked, activity level, apps used
and websites visited - all in a browser.

  • Install a small app

    on any number of your employee computers
  • See results on the web

    Immediatelly, from anywhere
  • Apps & URLs

    used apps & visited websites
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What will you see?

  • Who is currently active
    and who is away from the computer
  • Screenshots taken as often a every 2 minutes
  • How many hours the employee was active on the computer
  • What applications were used and what websites visited and for how long
  • Employee activity level
  • Run, email and share reports with graphs, Excel & PDF
More questions? Check FAQ or see the Demo. Otherwise, just try it - no account necessary!